David Cameron's sardines al limone

'Sardines with tomato and lemon, whipped up in seconds,' declared David Cameron to a Sun reporter, who was following him around Downing Street. Cameron grabbed the fridge handle after he hastily put down a couple of tins of sardines on a brushed aluminium counter and pulled. Lunch had to be quick because he had a lot to get on with - an audience with the Queen, prepping for PMQs and 'a lot of reading to do.' Fair enough. He quickly collected the necessary chilled ingredients - a tall bottle of chilli sauce, a jar of mayonnaise, and a tube of tomato purée. Dropping the assorted items down on the counter with much clatter he did indeed 'whip' up his sardine concoction and spread it on toast. I attempted Cameron's recipe with the tomato purée but found the dull sweetness slightly incongruous with the sharper lemon. If you wanted to try out a version that I think works best, here it is.

Serves 1

You will need:

1 tin of sardines

2 tsp of good, plain mayonnaise

1 tsp of crushed chilli from a jar

2 slices of bread

Spreadable butter


Sea salt

1 thick lemon wedge

Pop the bread in the toaster and set the time- I like brown for the taste here but you could use white. Make sure it isn't too thick - aim for the kind of sliced-width you have with a pâté. You want to be able to munch and crunch but certainly not chew. Meanwhile, in an aluminium dish take out the sardines and trickle in maybe two teaspoons of the oil but discard the rest. I personally favour the Waitrose sardine al limone tins which already have lemon in them or the sardine picante which have chilli, and can both be noted for their depth of individual flavourings and intensity of fish. Next, add in a teaspoon of chilli and stir in. I've chosen to substitute this for the chilli sauce as the jar gives a rawer heat. Then, using the teaspoon, extricate a couple of big blobs of mayonnaise and mix in, though the deep fishy colours should still be visible. I would add capers here but I think it might be a bit too rich. Add some if you're feeling adventurous. A touch of pepper but not too much and a real pinch of flaky sea salt. Your toast should be popping out around now and give it a generous kiss with the Lurpak (full-fat salted), though you may use any spreadable butter you desire. Finally, a bounteous spritz of lemon and generously spread over the toast, enjoyed preferably, with a pot tea.

See The Sun, YouTube, 'A Day in the Life of David Cameron', 16/03/15, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9hqE5HVVQk&ab_channel=TheSun.